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Steve Brown III

Steve Brown III
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Since 1999 I have been helping businesses improve through the use of technology with my company Ntouch Digital.

From networking and hardware needs to website design, programming and the latest web and mobile marketing techology Steve has assisted companies in a wide variety of industries in the growth and streamlining of their operations to grow their business.

Being a entrepreneur and business owner for over 25 years, I have owned businesses including a lawn and tree service, a local gym, personal training studios, and a franchise massage clinic, all while still growing Ntouch Digital year by year.  It is this experience and knowledge gained through practical application and success, that I bring to each and every client, many of which are in the real estate industry.

Entering the world of real estate in 2018 as an agent seemed like a no-brainer because I am all about helping people.  Relationships are a cornerstone of life and I like building true, honest and long lasting ones based on integrity.  I found that same belief and culture with Jason, Gina and the Option One family.

Having served in the U.S. Army and seeing families distanced so often made it important for me to build my businesses on the foundation that we provide by allowing our teams to work remotely and have the ability to be close to their families as needed.

Whether you work from HOME (which many are now-a-days) or you "come HOME from work", you want it to be HOME.

I would love the opportunity to assist you in whatever transition you are making when it comes to selling your existing home and buying your next home.

I look forward to working with you.

Steve Brown III


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